Consulting and Trade

Areas of expertise and what we do :

  • Business development (SE Asia, CE Europe)

If you need to expand your business into CE Europe (especially Germay, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia&Hercegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia or if you come from CE Europe and need to expand your activities in SE Asia (especially Indonesia and Singapore) we can analyse together your aims and team-up in achieving your goals.

  • Commodity trade

If you need a certain quality and quantity of thermal coal or coke (especially from Indonesia,Russia or from the US) at a certain spot on the globe we provide the solution.If you want to develop a market or a relationship with a certain thermal-coal user (especially in CE Europe or in the Mediteraneean) we elaborate for you the terms and conditions to become a suppliier  and sort out the technical and logistical constraints for each case. If you require any other commodity, let us know as we might have a solution at hand.

  • Mining and Quarrying

If you need high quality white marble in blocks,slabs or processed, if you want to own a white marble quarry to secure long-term supply of this  exclusive and rare construction material  o r if you need managerial support in  running a quarry operation in CE Europe we, most probably, have the answer to your  requirements.

  • Power generation, energy (thermal, mini-hydro, solar, wind)

If you need a power plant, a mini- or micro-hydro power plant a boiler for cogeneration of heat/steam and power or a hybrid unit of up to 10 MW we provide a turnkey solution.

  • Logistics

If you need to find a solution in logistics between SE Asia and Europe we might have an idea on how to solve it.