Management and M&A


ALMIS Introduction (PDF)

Areas of expertise and what we do:

  • Investment Advisory Services

If you are a strategic investor or a private equity fund seeking a certain investment in CE Europe, we have a selection of potential targets. Our added value is not only in sourcing companies that are open for investment but we also analyze and select such companies where we can join the restructuring team and if necessary do the managerial effort to make the investment or joint venture successful.

  • C-level Consulting and Business Development

If your planned activities require skills and knowledge that would complement yours in achieving your short- or long-term goals or you seek expertise to accomplish a certain task, we are at your disposal to join the task-force.

  • Company Restructuring

If you have business problems in SE Europe or in SE Asia we form a team to manage the restructuring process on your behalf.

  • Interim and Succession Management

If your need a temporary managerial solution for various reasons we cover the period of a managerial vacuum for you.

  • Distressed Asset Salvation

If your business is in distress or you are a lender to a company facing problems in servicing its debt we are here to immerse ourselves into the situation, focus on the problem at hand and resolve the problem within a framework, mutually agreed upon in advance.